Frequently Asked Questions

  • Bidder Registration

  • How do I register on BHEL procurement?

    Registration is a simple process. Open the website, click on "Register" link and Select the country & units to participate in, fill the company details and click on “submit”. Go ahead, take a look and register.

    For Limited Tenders – Registration, activation and digital signature certificate mapping approval will be done by BHEL unit administrator OR enquiry owner For Open Tenders – Vendors are requested to register online and contact helpdesk team for approval

     Suppliers who wants to Register as Indian Supplier, while Registration, It is Mandatory to enter their Company PAN CARD #, without entering Company PAN CARD #, system will not allow supplier to register as Indian Supplier.

     Supplier who wants to Register as Foreign Supplier, while registration, supplier has to select their county and submit required details to register their company as Foreign Supplier.

     Supplier who wants to Register as Agent of Foreign Supplier, they will have to submit Authorization Letter of their parent company (Foreign Company) confirming that they have authorize them to register as their agent.

     Vendors who are already empaneled with BHEL unit for limited tenders should not register separately for Open tenders in the same unit.

  • Why do I need to register on portal and how can I activate my account?

    If you register on Portal, you can have access to the tenders for the respective units and further can submit them online. If your profile is not approved, you’ll get profile status message on your screen after successful login. This login ID & Password can be used to participate in online bidding process.

    Note:  After Completing Registration Supplier will receive Login ID (Login Code) and Password on their mentioned email id, they will have to Login with credentials and attach their Digital Certificate with their Login id.

     After Attaching Digital Certificate, supplier will have to contact below mentioned people for their Profile Approval.

     In case of New Registration send mail to respective bhel unit admin officer In case of permanent vendor code and in case of temporary vendor code (New Registration) verification, you need to contact e-Tendering Helpdesk to approve your Profile, You can send a request to for your Profile Activation.

     Please take a Note that To Approve your profile in case of Pvt Ltd / Limited / Partnership firm your Digital signature certificate should be in the name of organization.

     In case of Proprietor Ship firm, supplier can attach Digital Certificate with the Name of Individual person, but supplier will have to submit required documents to approve their Profile.(Copy of Company PAN CARD, Copy of Registration Certificate, Copy of GST Registration, Authorization Letter on Company’s Letter Head).

  • How can I check whether my profile is registered in selected units or not?

    If your company is an Indian Company, You can verify whether your company is Registered or not and if registered, for how many BHEL Units your company is Registered by following below mentioned steps.

    Open Website:
    Click on “Register”
    Select Country as India
    Enter your company PAN CARD Number

    all BHEL Units will be display on screen. Further, if you are already registered for any unit, then vendor code (Login Id) is displayed under each unit name.

  • What will be the login id and password?

    Vendor Code will be the login id and password will be same which is created at the time of registration

  • What is Difference between Permanent vendor code and Temporary vendor code?

    Permanent vendor code is used to participate in open, Limited & Single tenders and Temporary Vendor Code which starts with OTI is used to participate for only open tenders.

  • I have registered my company on bhel e-Procurement portal? Will I receive any confirmation mail on my registration?

    As you complete your registration, system generates a confirmation mail to your registered email id.

    So if you have entered wrong email id you may not receive the registration confirmation mail in such case kindly Contact Help Desk for Assistance.

    Send request on :

  • I have completed my Registration process, but still I am not able to access e-Tendering website, when I enter my registered login id and Password, it’s showing as your profile is Pending for verification, what should I do?

    In case of permanent vendor code verification, you need to contact respective bhel unit admin officer and in case of temporary vendor code verification, you need to contact e-Tendering Helpdesk to Approve your Profile, You can send a request to for your Profile Activation.

  • Forgotten user name and / or password: How to retrieve the same?

    Click on "Reset Password" link provided on Login page. You will have to select unit and enter login id (vendor code) and click on “check login id” to retrieve the password or Kindly send a request to or call on Contact Help Desk numbers for Assistance.

  • Can system lock profile while entering wrong Login ID or Password?

    In case of incorrect attempts of login id or password for Three times, system will lock the profile for security reason.

  • What should I do in case of Profile is locked in the system?

    In case, your profile is locked due to 3 consecutive un-success login attempts. You can unlock your profile by following steps:

    1. Click on login page, a verification code is enable so enter login id & password select unit enter verification code and click on login button will unlock your profile. System will send mail to registered email id for the same

    2. You can create new password and can unlock your profile through reset password link.

    3. Contact our helpdesk team at to unlock profile.

  • How can I update my Profile and change Password?

    To update the profile in case of Permanent vendor code kindly contact respective bhel unit admin


    In case of Temporary Vendor Code which starts with OTI, vendor can send a request to along with required relevant document for the same.

    And vendor can change their password through Forget Password link or After Login through Change Password option which is available under “Settings”.

  • Will there be single vendor code for all bhel units or multiple vendor code?

    Yes, Temporary vendor code (login id) can be same for the selected units or it may be different which depends at the time of registration. Permanent vendor code may be different for all the selected units.

  • What is the internet connection requirement for smooth working of system?

    We recommended to access the website on Internet 9.0 or above with reliable

    broadband Internet connection with a download bandwidth of 512KBps or higher.

    However, there are no complex graphics on any of the web pages served by the system.

    Wireless connections may be adequate, 23 but it is important that the latency of network connections to the application does not exceed 20‐ 30 seconds to ensure reliable access.

  • What security precautions are in place to protect the loss, misuse, or alteration of my information?

    Your Login is password protected. We recommend that you do not divulge your password to anyone. We will never ask you for your password in an unsolicited phone call or in an unsolicited email.

    Also remember to sign out of your account and close your browser window when you have finished your work.
    This is to ensure that others cannot access your business information and correspondence if you share a computer with someone else or are using a computer in a public place like a library or Internet café.
    Your password is encrypted and saved in database so no one can retrieve your password.

  • What internet browsers & Operating System are supported?

    Our portal supports Internet Explorer 9.0 & above Operating System should be Windows Vista / Windows 7 and above. Also, System should have access with Administrator Rights.


    • What is Digital Certificate?

      A digital certificate is an electronic "passport" that allows a person, computer or organization to exchange information securely over the Internet.

    • What is PKI?

      The PKI is a framework of policies, services, and encryption software that provides the assurances, users need before they can confidently transmit sensitive information over the Internet and other networks. At the heart of a PKI is a "Certifying Authority" which issues to each individual a Digital Certificate linking that particular person to a known public key.

    • What is encryption?

      Encryption is the process of using a mathematical formula and an encryption key to scramble information so that is unintelligible to unauthorized persons.
      Since electronic information is in the form of a series of ones and zeroes, an encryption process can transform a particular electronic message into another sequence of ones and zeros that is uniquely related to the original message.

    • What is decryption?

      Decryption is the process of converting the scrambled information back to its original, plain text form using the same mathematical formula and a decryption key related to the encryption key so an authorized person can understand it.

    • What is Private Key?

      "Private Key" means one of the key of a key pair used to create a Digital Signature.

    • How to verify whether signing and Encryption both Certificates are available in my Digital Certificate?

      Open, Internet Explorer Browser Go to Tools Menu -->Internet Options --> Content --> Certificates --> Double click on your certificate for view --> Go to Details Tab on your certificate --> Select “Key Usage” Field in the list of all fields --> If you get “Digital Signature” or “Non-Repudiation” that means Signing Certificate available, And if you get “Key Encipherment” that means Encryption Certificate is available.

    • What is an e-token?

      An e-token is a powerful and secure hardware device that enhances the security of data on public and private networks.
      The size of a normal house key, e-token can be used to generate and provide secure storage for passwords and Digital certificates, for secure authentication, digital signing and encryption.
      E-tokens are based on smart card technology but require no special readers. E-Token is a hardware mechanism used for password authentication via using identity management technique and provides hacking problem solution to the user.
      It looks similar to pen drive and fixes in the USB port of the computer.

    • Why is Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) required?

      Like physical documents are signed manually, electronic documents, for example e-forms are required to be signed digitally using a Digital Signature Certificate.

    • Who issues the Digital Signature Certificate?

      A licensed Certifying Authority (CA) issues the digital signature. Certifying Authority (CA) means a person who has been granted a license to issue a digital signature certificate under Section 24 of the Indian IT-Act 2000.

    • What is Certificate Validation?

      Validation refers to determining the status of a certificate - whether valid, expired or revoked. All Certificates have a fixed life (say one/two year), but there are various reasons for which a certificate may be invalidated before its due expiry

    • What is Certificate Revocation?

      A Digital Certificate can be revoked under circumstances like: -

      • Users suspect compromise of certificate private key.

      • Change of personal data.

      • Change of relationship with the organization.

    • How Secure is it?

      The security features incorporated in the application ensures that all activities are logged, no unauthorized person has access to data, all sensitive data is encrypted and system can be restore in a minimal possible time in case of a disaster or system crash. Audit Trail the Solution has been so designed that all the activities, transactions and changes in configuration are logged and a log report is made available to the concerned people. Further, a log is also available of activities at the database level thereby ensuring that a robust audit trail is always available of all the activities either at the application level or the database level. Data Encryption is been carried out through digital certificate (Public key infrastructure) Further, the login password and hint answer of all the users and the suppliers are also encrypted. Process Validation the Solution has been so architected that a user cannot view the commercial bid of a supplier till the technical evaluation of the tender is complete and the date & time specified for the opening of the commercial bid is due. SSL Certificate The solution uses 128 bit SSL Certificate from VeriSign for communication between the browser and the web server. This ensures that all the data is encrypted and cannot be hacked/misused by anyone. Unauthorized Access - The entire solution is behind a firewall and intrusion detection system that protects it against unauthorized access and hackers.

    • What type of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is to be obtained for e-Filing on the Portal?

      DSC of Class 2 and Class 3 category issued by a licensed Certifying Authority (CA) needs to be obtained for participation.

    • How to check, whether Digital Certificate installed properly in your system or not?

      Digital Certificate is issued with e-Token, then check the driver of e-Token are installed or not properly in your system.

      After that, Open Internet explorer (9.0) Browser ⇒ Go to Tools Manu ⇒ Internet Option ⇒ Content ⇒ Certificate ⇒ Double click on your certificate ⇒ (a Certificate window will appear ) ⇒ Go to Certification Path ⇒ And check the "Certificate Status" ⇒ It should come as - "The Certificate is OK".

      If the "certificate status" - shows "not OK" or "Invalid" etc... - then please contact your Digital certificate service provider for verification.

    • Can I use / attach a same digital certificate (DC) with the different login ids in your portal?

      No, once a digital certificate is attached with any of the Login ID in Any Unit then same digital certificate cannot be used with any other Login ID in Same Unit.

      DC has been attached once, with one login id, it will not get attached with any other login id, you can use the same DSC for Other Login id for other BHEL unit.

      One DSC can be used for multiple BHEL units but One DSC for multiple login ids in same Unit is not allowed.

    • If the attached DSC gets expired and if I get a new DC, how to map with the existing registered login ID?

      a) Situation 1 - When old DSC has expired and user has got new DC: If the attached DC has expired, then system automatically Un-map/inactivates the same and prompts for another DC to be attached at the next login.

      b) Scenario II -When old DC is due for expiry and user has got new DC:

      If the user wants to attach a new DSC, when the existing DSC is due for expiry, then in case of Permanent vendor code kindly contact respective bhel unit admin and request them for removing your OId DSC from your Login ID, and in case of Temporary Vendor Code which starts with OTI, vendor can send a request to Once your DSC is removed, you may map your new Digital Certificate with your existing login id. You can send an email to respective BHEL Unit Admin to verify your attached DSC. in case of Temporary Vendor Code which starts with OTI, vendor can send a request to by mentioning your Registered BHEL Unit, Login ID, Company Name and Contact #. Note: Never remove the Old DSC from the device. Any of the tenders which have been attached / Used with these old DC as bid openers cannot be opened or you cannot view the data of the tender, if certificates have been deleted from the token.

    • After Login, my digital certificate, if it is not visible in drop down box of certificate selection in portal?

      In case, you don’t get any value in dropdown of certificate selection, Pl perform following steps in your system:

      In case, you don’t get any value in dropdown of certificate selection, Pl perform following steps in your system:

      • Pl check, operating system of your PC / Laptop (Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10)
      • Version of Internet Explorer is 9.0 and above.
      • Your E-token (Digital Certificate) is attached and properly installed in your system.
      • Add URL in Trusted Sites (Open Internet Explorer --> Press Alt + T on your keyboard --> Go to Tools Menu --> Internet Options --> Security -->Trusted Sites --> Sites  Add --> Close) - Mandatory.
      • All Active-X Controls & Plug-ins are Enable (Alt + T on your keyboard --> Tools --> Internet Options --> Security --> Custom Level --> “Enable” All Active-X Controls & Plug-ins  Apply & OK)- Mandatory .
      • If the system prompts any message for system patch like CAPICOM do install the same.
      • Install “Signer Components” which are available on homepage of e-Procurement Portal under Download Section
      • Close the browser and re-login again.

    • After selecting Digital Certificate, system shows “There is an error undefined” on screen.

      In case you get alert of ‘Error undefined’ on submitting Signing and Encryption certificates, perform following settings and steps:

      • Add URL in Trusted Sites (Open Internet Explorer  Press Alt + T on your keyboard  Go to Tools Menu --> Internet Options --> Security --> Trusted Sites  Sites --> Add --> Close) - Mandatory.
      • All Active-X Controls & Plug-ins are Enable (Alt + T on your keyboard --> Tools --> Internet Options  Security --> Custom Level --> “Enable” All Active-X Controls & Plug-ins  Apply & OK)- Mandatory .
      • Close the browser and re-login again

    • After attaching Digital Certificate, system shows “Certificate does not match with the login id”.

      Your Digital Certificate is already mapped with another Login ID in our system. You have to select the same Certificate which you have mapped earlier with the same login id.

      • E-Tender Related Queries

      • What is Electronic Tendering?

        Electronic Tendering is carrying out the traditional tendering process in an electronic form, using the internet. Using E-Tendering organization can:

        • Includes a variety of off techniques such as RFPs, quotes, and reverse auctions.
        • Create and publish NIT.
        • Approve tenders online.
        • Sell Tenders
        • Conduct online pre-bid meetings
        • Issue corrigendum
        • Receive Bids Evaluate Tenders Award of Contract

        Using E-Tendering, the suppliers can

        • Receive notification of the relevant tenders
        • Download tenders document
        • Participate in pre-bid meetings
        • Submit Bids Online
        • Track the status of their bids

      • How do I know that a tender is published?

        After registering on, you would regularly log-in to your account and can find the information regarding tenders. You will also receive a mail notification regarding the publication of the tender notice.


        • Suppliers can view details and download document for Open Tender on website homepage, but they can submit tender till Bid Submission End date and time, only after Login to respective unit where Open Tender is published.

        • Suppliers can view, Download Document and submit the Limited or Single Tender only after Login to respective unit where Tender is published, also through the vendor code (Login Id) which is allowed in Tender.

        • In case of Limited or Single Tender, After Login to respective BHEL Unit if Tender is not visible to supplier, supplier will have to contact respective RFQ owner or Enquiry officer of BHEL and confirm whether officer has Map (add) supplier’s id in said tender or not?

      • What is Tender Dashboard?

        Tender Dashboard is an interactive user interface for each users in system that organizes and presents information and links to the different relevant to role and authority, functions of system into a unified display in a way that is easy to access, track and transact.

      • How to download tender document into the system?

        You can search the tender you are interested in using certain search criteria.
        Click on “Download Document” link to download the required documents in searched tender.
        Tender Document can be downloaded in any open tenders which are published on portal.
        However, it is advised to login to the system and download the tender documents so that corrigendum/addendum if published will be automatically mailed to you.

      • How do I get clarifications for any doubt regarding Tender Submission?

        You can either refer to Tender related documents or contact Helpdesk.
        All contact numbers are available on “Contact Us” link of the portal.

      • How do I come to know about any corrigendum/addendum published in a tender?

        System displays the corrigendum count for each tender. System increases the count as any corrigendum / Amendment is published. You can view the complete corrigendum / Amendment details by clicking on corrigendum / Amendment count link.

      • How do I submit the Document Fee and EMD along with the Technical bid?

        You can pay it online/offline as per option given by department while submitting tender details.

        In case of offline payment, you can also upload scan receipt copy or can add Cheque / DD information along with payment date.

      • How to submit Technical, Price bid online?

        After logged into the website, you need to fill in required fields details in the bidding format available in the system only. You can follow the steps to submit your bid in Tender.

        1. Logon to website
        2. Click on RFx/Tender
        3. Click on Search RFx/Tender
        4. Click on “Dashboard” in your Event ID
        5. Now, Submit your bid by clicking on each Tab. (i.e. Declaration, Document Fees, EMD, Prepare Bid, Final Submission)

      • Till what time I can submit a tender online?

        You need to do Final Submission of a tender as per the submission end date & time mentioned in a tender notice of respective tender. System would not accept any tender once the submission date & time is lapsed.

      • How do I confirm my tenders are submitted without any problem?

        After submitting your tender, you will get a receipt on your screen and system will also send mail on your registered email ID.

      • Can I edit / Modify / withdraw my bid if I have already done Final Submission in Tender?

        Yes, you can edit your bid in respective tender if it is allowed by Tendering Authority.
        To edit the bid, Click on Final Submission link of that tender, click on Bid withdraw link which is available at the bottom of the page.
        Now, give your remarks and modify your bid as per your requirement & do the Final Submission again.

        Caution: It is mandatory to do Final Submission again if you have withdrawn the bid in respective tender.

      • How secure my data is before doing a final submission of a tender?

        While preparing a Technical & Price bid, the data of Price Bid is encrypted with your public key (Digital Signature) before submission of a data to the server. This data can only be decrypted with your own private key (Digital Signature).

      • How secure my data is after doing a final submission?

        At the time of Final Submission in Tender, your data is encrypted with the concern government officer's public key and stored in the database. This data can only be decrypted using that government officer's private key after tender opening date & time.


        • How will I come to know that my bid has been opened?

          You can login and can participate in bid opening event. Once officer shares result, you can view all bid-opening reports

        • After Bid Opening if any officer has raised any query in my submitted Bid, how will I come to know about the same?

          After Bid opening if officer has any query and wants clarification for the same through system, officer can invite bidder to submit their response in that Tender and once officer invite any bidder to submit their response against raised query, bidder will receive notification through system generated mail on their registered email id.

        • Whether i will be able to submit response of queries through website or not?

          Yes, if any officer has raise any query in your submitted Tender and ask to submit response for the same, you will be able to submit response for the same.

        • During clarification response submission whether i will be able to upload document or not?

          Yes, During Clarification response submission, you will be able to upload multiple documents up to 20MB.

        • By What time i can submit my Response for raised queries by Officer?

          You can submit response for raise queries till Response submission End date and time configured by officer.

        • If i fail to submit response, will i be able to re-submit my response for raised queries?

          If you fail to submit response for raised queries, you can resubmit the same but only if officer has extend Response submission End date and time.

        • After response submission of raised queries, will i be able to view and take Print for my submitted details?

          Yes, you will be able to review your submitted details, even after response submission End date and time is lapsed. You can also generate the same in PDF or can take Print of your submitted details too.


          • How will I come to know that my bid has been opened?

            You can login and can participate in bid opening event. Once officer shares result, you can view all bid-opening reports

          • How I will be able to verify Result of my submitted Tender?

            You can verify Result by following below mentioned steps:

            Login --> RFX/Tender --> Search RFX/Tender --> Enter event ID --> Click on Dashboard --> Click on Participation --> Enter Remarks --> Click on Submit --> Click on Comparative to verify comparative Report

            Please take a note that Result will be visible to supplier only once shared by BHEL officer.

          • Whether i will be able to verify response of other suppliers?

            Yes, if officer has shared result of other suppliers, you will be able to review submitted response of other suppliers too.

          • By What time Supplier can Review Result for their Submitted Tender?

            Once Result is shared by BHEL officer, Result will be visible to suppliers till 7 days.

            • Do’s and Don’ts

            • Do’s and Don’ts

              1. Remember your User ID & Password to access the website.
              2. Don’t share your User ID, Password & Digital Certificate with anyone.
              3. Use e-Token for storage of digital certificate.
              4. If you have installed a Digital Certificate in someone else’s computer system, then don’t forget to remove your Digital Certificate from the system.
              5. Change your password after every month.
              6. Password should comprise of alphanumeric & special characters and should be preferably more than 8 characters. (i.e. password@489).
              7. Do not wait till last minute for bid submission as you may encounter a problem of internet connection failure, hardware or power failure or you may not get good internet speed.
              8. Keep sufficient back up options such as PC, internet connection etc. so that in case of failure, you have an alternative option for bid submission.
              9. Participate in a mock procurement event to understand the bid submission process thoroughly well in advance.
              10. Before participating in e-tender, kindly go through bidder manual which is available on website for clarification.


              Disclaimer: Please take a note these all above FAQs are given for understanding and informational purpose only so that user can be able to use the website smoothly and does not purpose to give correct information in all circumstances because it may be vary to Department to Department and Sub-Domain to Sub-Domain and Tender to Tender of e-Procurement Technologies Limited (EPTL). You can contact to e-Procurement Support Team of EPTL to get the correct information. The information provided in this FAQ represents the current views of e-Procurement Technologies Limited (EPTL) and, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of EPTL, and EPTL cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information presented after the date of publication.

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